I waited at the bus stop this morning shivering. Not because I was cold, but because I’ve never waited for a bus while it wasn’t freezing out. Buses remind me of school. The only time I rode regularly was when I was a student. But now I’m working and still riding the bus. I’ll have to get used to a different kind of bus-stop-waiting.


Summertime is knocking on our door here in Minnesota. I’m getting geared up for it by putting away my winter clothes too early. It happens every year. We get a taste of 40° weather, and Minnesotans are running around in shorts and t-shirts. I’m not that guy, but there are a lot of them. It was pushing 55° this morning and I was still shivering.

Once that taste of warm weather comes, I throw my long johns and bulky winter coat in the attic, only to face an onslaught of -30 days for the rest of the month.
But the mood swings of the thermometer are over now. We just have a gradual warm up from here until October. Then we’ll wake up one morning and we won’t be able to feel our noses. Because we didn’t close the bedroom window the night before, and Summer took the last train to paradise.
For now I’ll enjoy my few blissful months before I have to pull out my coat again. I hope the bus gets here soon.
Image Credit: MESI

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