Introvert/Extrovert Spectrum

There are many types of writers out there. Many of the writers I read about or know are introverts. Even the results of Googling “Famous Extroverted Writers” all talk about introverts. Try it.

Introvert writers sit back and observe the world and turn their observations into beautiful prose. Seemingly happy to sit at their desk at home hammering out ten thousand words per day. This, at least, is how I imagine them. 

That is not me. If I am at home I get zero work done. The garbage starts smelling, asking me to remove it from the premises, or the dishes are clanging around vying for my attention. But the biggest killer of production is Netflix. Or Candy Crush. Or anything that’s not writing. 

So I get off my butt and go to the coffee shop. People are actually more productive in a setting where caffeine hangs in the air like a low cloud. It seeps into one’s clothes, nostrils and brain and forces him/her to work on whatever project with which he/she brought. This works on me. Maybe I’m buying into the marketing of a coffee shop, or maybe my coffee-soaked brain just wakes up when it’s soaked with coffee. But I think there’s something more here. 

That being the introvert/extrovert spectrum.  

I am not an introvert. I have introverted tendencies, and I’m married to an introvert, but I am not one. I get my energy when people are around me. I don’t even need to talk to them. I just want to be in a busy place so I can fool myself into thinking I’m not missing out on something. “Everyone else is here, so this must be the place to be. I can write,” is what I tell myself. If I’m at home I think, “Everyone is somewhere else having a blast without me. I can’t write.” Which may or may not be true. 

I am part of a writing group. This group is an online group, and I’ve met two of the fifteen or so people involved. It may be a stereotype to say all my writing friends are introverted, but when I asked the question, “Are there other extroverted writers out there?” I got my answer through the lack of response. 

I am going to make this irregularity work for me. Somehow. 

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