Fifteen Minutes Could Cause an Aneurism

Shopping for car insurance can be a stressful experience to say the least. I updated our address with our current provider recently, and our premium shot up. When my wife and I originally got car insurance, I was a starving college student living off the meager income my wife was able to scrape together. We didn’t have a lot of coverage in the first place, and the amount we pay for our insurance is rather ridiculous. So we’re shopping. 

The forms one must fill out for a quote get tedious. But we must find the best deal with the most coverage. The deal we found is so much less than the rest of the quotes that we are nervous about what wouldn’t be covered. Our ship still hasn’t come in, though, so perhaps we should go with it anyway. God forbid we get into an accident and find out what is missing. 

I believe I will use this experience in a future book I will write – The Nationwide Tragedy of Progressive Farmers. It’s a working title. 

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