The Beginning of a Blog

When was the last time you cracked open a brand new journal? It seems that every time I get a new journal, the first page is a tricky one to write on. It’s wedged into the binding at such an awkward angle that it never stays put while I’m jotting down my thoughts. It’s doubly tricky because I always want my first journal entry to be witty, thought-provoking and written in my neatest handwriting with my favorite pen. But each time I open the new journal, I have to coax the page into cooperation. I have taken to skipping that page altogether and starting on the second. It’s kind of like pancakes and kids: the first ones are always throwaways.

I am having a similar struggle with my first blog entry. I want the first post to blow my reader’s minds. I want instant success and a thousand page views by midnight. That might be a little unrealistic. So instead of waiting six weeks for a spark of divine inspiration, I offer you an anecdote on the first page of a journal. Future posts will probably be funnier, deeper and generally interesting-er (more interesting?), but I need to start somewhere. Thank you for starting this journey with me.

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